Southgate County School


Latest News and Work-in-Progress

This page was last updated on 7 August 2015

All the old school magazines have now been added to the site. The later Spectrum magazines are extremely large files and will take a while to download even on the fastest broadband connection.

An Historic Records sub-section has been created in order to keep the main part of the website to a more manageable size. This includes:

Scrollable panoramic versions of the Official School Photographs have now been added.

Staff Personal Record sheets for Staff members who were born before 1907 have also been added.

The manuscript score for School Song in the handwriting of Mr T E Everard the 2nd Headmaster (1929-45) who wrote both the words and the music, together with two audio recordings, one from the opening ceremony at Sussex Way 2 March 1961 and the other by the Comprehensive School choir to celebrate the Centenary on 2007 are now on the website.

An audio recording of the opening ceremony of Southgate Grammar School at Sussex Way on 2 March 1961 is now on the video and audio recordings page. Also, part of the Centenary film of Southgate School, 1907-2007.