Southgate County School



This page was last updated on 9 September 2018

We now have access to four videos which could be of interest at least to some Old Scholars:

1. A Glimpse of the Past: The Borough of Southgate as it was in the early 1950s (running time 31 minutes).

2. Southgate Celebrates the Coronation: June 1953 (running time 31 minutes).

These first two are commercial productions, the copies of original colour films, and are available from Gateway Film Productions at £13 each, including delivery in the UK.

3. Southgate County Year Reunion 1947-1952: held on 20th October 1989 plus views of the Old School buildings in Fox Lane and at Minchenden - shot by Pauline Reynolds (née Farmer) and Jillian Milne (née Parsons) - (running time 33.5 minutes).

4. Southgate County Old Scholars 8th Biennial Reunion at Firs Hall: held on 27th September 1996 - shot by Maureen Worrall (née Trueman) - (running time 27 minutes).

5. The Centenary film 1907-2007, produced by Karl Davis, part of which is shown here:

6. An interview with Doris Parr (in two parts):

Numbers 3 and 4 are both amateur efforts, shot by Old Scholars, the quality of No. 4 being less good as it had to be transferred from the North American NTSC format. We hope it will be possible to make these available for viewing/downloading on the website at some (probably quite distant) time in the future.

We are still hoping to hear of the whereabouts of the films that used to be kept in the store room between the Physics and Chemistry Labs at Fox Lane: the first football match between the School and the Old Boys, about 1923, Mr Everard playing tennis at the Old Scholars Club at Brackendale and the 1952 School Sports held at Broomfield Park - and possibly others.

Audio Recordings

We have an audio recording of the Opening Ceremony of Southgate Grammar School at Sussex Way on 2 March 1961 (47 min 23 sec) - just use the controls below to play or pause the recording. Features the School Song.

We also have two audio recordings of the School Song.