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The School Song

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To travel the road that leads to light,
From life’s early morn to darksome night;
Loving and serving forgetting self quite.
Onward, unswerving into the fight;
Seeking no rest till the goal’s in sight;
’Tis life’s golden way.
So here’s to the task of setting self right;
Of changing what’s wrong with main and might;
Follow up! Follow up! Follow on!
To do one’s duty, whate’er fate sends;
With head held high, till the last term ends.


We have two recordings of the School Song which may be played/paused using the controls below:

1. From 2 March 1961 - sung by the School Choir and audience, with the School Orchestra under Mr Robert Smith, at the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony for the then new School Building at Sussex Way, Cockfosters.

Three of the School’s four Headmasters were present (and presumably singing), Mr B M Forrest (1951-67), then the current Head, who was one of the speakers at the Ceremony, his immediate predecessor, Mr W Auger (1945-51) and his predecessor, Mr T B Everard (1929-45), who wrote both the words and the music of the School Song.

2. A modern recording, specially made by the present comprehensive School Choir in the Summer of 2007 for inclusion in the Centenary Film 1907-2007.